Lao Nanjing 老南京

I have been working with to develop a comic/cartoon that they can use in their monthly internet magazine. I decided to build a character base around a westerner and Confucius (孔子). It’s called “Old Nanjing”…  here are a few examples of what I have done so far.

For the third edition I wanted to change the style a little and see what people thought…

The 4th edition (below) was a bit of a challenge. I attribute it to “artist block.” I kept the “new style” but wasn’t happy with the details.

I am hoping to add more characters in the later editions. I have been thinking about several: the Monkey King (选悟空), Lei Feng (雷锋), and Guan Yu (关羽). I am taking ideas not only for charaters but also for layout and locations (back grounds)… email me if you have any cool ideas!


2 responses to “Lao Nanjing 老南京

  1. These look great Nathan. In addition to Lei Feng and the others you mentioned, you may want to try out “Ah Q” (阿Q) – the darkly comic figure representing modern Chinese society from Lu Xun’s famous short story – the True Story of Ah Q (阿Q正傳). As the first character from a story fully written in modern vernacular Chinese, many will recognize him. Glad to see your blog up and running. Peace man!

  2. Hey Nathan….the walking in the park and flying kites, but the line ‘peaceful life’ bought back so many wonderful memories! What a great job you are doing!!! Keep them coming and keep up the good work!

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