The joy of internet

Think back to the times of Columbus, Magellan, and Zheng He(郑和)… news from faraway lands had to travel for months back to those waiting ears. But now…. click of a button.

I just had a Skype Video Chat with my dad, Grandma, and Aunt Carmen… I am sure it was the first time my grandmother had ever done anything like it before. It was hugely entertaining to be able to talk to family so far away, who I haven’t been able to see in years. It was also the first time they were able to meet Wu Lei. I know that a webcam is not the best way to introduce your wife to the family back home… but we make do with what we can. Again, in the times of great ocean explorers, I would have had to draw a picture of her and mail it home… so I figure the webcam was pretty good.


One response to “The joy of internet

  1. I know the feeling Nathan! Skype saved my sanity when we were living in Zunyi! Keep them coming….love hearing your news. Russ and I are off to the other side of Australia for a short 10 day holiday to go to a friend’s wedding. Google Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia when you have a minute to spare…..its beautiful and that is the area we are going to (plus Melbourne and Bendigo). Love Rob and Russ xxx

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