Speaking English well!

Teaching English in China has been amazing for me over the last few years. I have really had some amazing students. Some of them have enough English skills to hold a pretty deep conversation with you on topics you would never really think would come up.

At an open English Corner (public forum in English), an 11 year old boy leaned over to my friend (another teacher) and very seriously ask, “So, why did the Jews kill Jesus?”… to questions like this there is never a good answer and certainly nothing politically correct enough to say at that moment. Once during a private lesson I was holding at a small restaurant, my student leaned forward across the table, look deep into my eyes and said, “teacher, what does it mean when you say ‘finger lick’n good’?” Apparently it had been written on the wall at KFC… she was trying so hard to find English to study she had gone to what she thought would be a “good western restaurant” and looked for phrases in the advertisements. The students who are really keen on learning are wonderful to watch… they are overly observant and always trying to use what they have learned.


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