Radford University Chinese Group

The Radford Chinese program first started in 1999. It was designed to build up interest in Chinese culture and language. Fu Laoshi (teacher Fu) has been with the program for 10 years. She was my teacher when I first studied Chinese back in 2004.

Each year when the Radford group comes to China, I try to meet with them. Fu Laoshi does a great job of building interest in life in China (and I do my best to help). Over the years quit a few Radford grads have come to China to live for a while. Manuel Gomez, Tyler Glover, Ashley Cassaboon, Kim Hawks (now in Korea) and many other have all come to China… many have stayed for an extended amount of time.

We had the honor of having Fu Laoshi and this year’s group of students come and visit us in Nanjing this year. We had a great time and it was really good to see Fu Laoshi again. She has some very promising students this year too. Several of them are interested in the opportunities that China as to offer! I hope to see them back in China again soon.


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