The key to a happy life…

The key to a happy life… is being with someone you love.

Being with Wu Lei over the last few years has been the most amazing part of my life… During my time in China I have done and seen a lot. I have traveled extensively, met hundreds of different people (most of them very amazing), and seen sun rises of Buddhist holy mountains. I have taught English to all different age groups and even helped open a large company. I traveled to Thailand just before riots broke out there and I saw the blood donations that would be poured on the king’s palace doorstep. Whether it be a quiet horseback ride in the Tibetan foothills or in down town Bangkok waiting for violence to erupt… my wife has been there with me.

All of these adventures I have had seem mediocre in the shadow of my relationship with my wife. Many of the places I have traveled to, have been with my wife. She has shared in those experiences and contributed to making my own memories of such travels. I would never have been bothered by fogs and lizards in our bungalow in Thailand… but the sheer amazement that Wu Lei experienced was enough for me to enjoy the fact that the wild critters where there! We both have different perspectives and by sharing those with each other it makes for some great conversations!


5 responses to “The key to a happy life…

  1. Hey Nathan, have just discovered your blog! Didn’t realise you were still living in China…married!!! So happy for you, your wife sounds great and the blog is really interesting. You did good! Abi x

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