Old Nanjing #6

The Dragon Boat festival (端午节) happens every year in June. The story goes that a famous poet name Qu Yuan (屈原) was betrayed and discraced… he jumped from a bridge into a lake because of the betrayal. He was so beloved by the people that then got out their boats and raced out to where he had fell into the water to save him. When they couldn’t find the body, they threw Zhongzi, rice wraped in bamboo leaves (粽子), into the water to insure that the fish did not eat his body.

Nowadays people still eat Zhongzi and the boat races are held in most larger cities. They have turned into cultural evens and many larger companies sponcer teams to paddle in the races. This month’s “Old Nanjing” is dedicated to the Dragon Boat festival and the Boat Races!


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