The world cup is a raging craze in China (and I suppose in most countries) right now. I have never been a “football” fan but there is something about being out with 150 friends, acquaintances and random strangers all yelling at the TV in support their team that just makes the evening exciting! Last night was no different. We went to an American Sports Bar here in Nanjing, where they had both the US vs Algeria and the England vs Slovenia games playing. The crowd was a great mix of internationals but everyone was pulling for the US and England… and in the end it paid off… England won 1:0 and so did the US. For a country that doesn’t even watch “soccer” (or usually care about it as a sport) we sure made some noise last night. The US goal was scored during additional time and the whole place went wild when it happened! I might not be hugely interested in “soccer” but I love the atmosphere of a game and cheering on your team with a bunch of international friends.


One response to “GOOOAAAALLLLL!!!

  1. why did you put quotation marks on football? it IS football… American football should be “football”… you don’t hardly use your feet!

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