Culture: muti-national relationships

A friend sent me an interesting study about cultural and relationships (especially in China). You can read the article here if you like.

The study itself was pretty interesting but I am still wondering how they even managed to do the study… how do you graph a relationship? The general information was basically a compare and contrast of how people deal with their relationships. It got me thinking about my wife and I. Even though we come from two very different cultures we can’t be defined by those cultures (as in the study), simply due to the fact that we are together… immediately that mixes our two cultures and I am sure we would change the outcome of the study if we were to take part in it.

It’s interesting though because we become like the people we are with (to an extent). Sometimes my wife will respond just as an American would and I know that if I were with an American woman I would look at many of our situations very differently. So while at the core I am still American in my thoughts and values, I believe that we temper ourselves to react and respond differently to different people and that those reactions are even more different if there is a cultural difference in the mix.


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