A house is a house…

It has come again to that time of year when the rent is up and we get to choose whether to stay in the same apartment or move… This year the decision was made for us. The landlady is raising the rent and it’s not quite what we think is “a fair amount.” So Wu Lei and I are again looking for a new place to. Unfortunately, since I moved back to China 3 years ago we have moved much more often that I would like… this will be the 5th time.

We have actively been looking at buying houses also… a desperate attempt to put an end to the madness of constantly moving but the market here in China is amazing… and quite crazy really. Where the US market is at an all time low (a great time to buy), the market here in China is through the roof! The Chinese government recently put a few rules in place to slow the endless climb of the market but it’s still going up. For now Wu Lei and I will have to find a new place and play it by ear to see what happens next!


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