The end of June:

So to tie off the end of the month I wanted to give everyone an overview of June because this month was an interesting one. As always we have been busy but this month was a crazy one. This month we have:

1. Tracked down a cheating investor

2. Watched several World Cup matches (Which meant late nights)

3. Met with Dr. Fu and her group from Radford

4. Housed the young business minded RU students named Stefan D. (who is doing an internship here in Nanjing)

5. Bought a digital camera (for me) and a new laptop (for the wife)

6. Shaved my head (because its way to hot)

7. Finished two books by D. M. Cornish and started a new Dean Koontz

8. Stared painting (really bad water colors mostly)

9. Started working on my book again… a project that I hope will be done by the time I have kids!

10. Celibrated Dragon Boat Festival

11. And we started to looked at houses (to buy)


2 responses to “The end of June:

  1. you guys did do a lot! All sounds fun except shaving your head. lol. I might need to buy a new laptop too. mine is kaput. got puked on too many times. haha.

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