The lay of the land

As my contract is coming to its end, I am once again tossed into the waves of people searching for jobs. During the last six years I have worker as an ESL teacher, bookstore manager (in the US), Chinese Teaching assistant (again in the US), Academic Head of an English school, and a Marketing Director. I could of course continue on the path of ESL, it does have its appeal, but as before I am looking to improve myself and grow. I have often felt that if I don’t learn something new from a job, it is not a job I should keep for any amount of time. I should be trying to better myself and by doing that I need to look for a job that can grow with me. I think that I am quickly drawing near to the proverbial summit of private English Schools in China; it’s time to move on and look for new mountains to climb.

I am hoping that the new job (whatever it may be) will allow use my Chinese skills more and in doing so give way to more improvement. I am also hoping to take the HSK (Standardized Chinese Test) at some point in the near future. Having some kind of certification will help solidify my Chinese skills as a recognized ability and not just a hobby or interest that I have taken on while in China. So here’s to the future… chose a path to take you to new lands… follow it until you reach your goals!


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