Need a fix: Picasso intravenous

I have been out of the arts for too long… pencils left unsharpened… sketchbooks with blank pages…

And so I have actively been working on drawing a little of something every day… it doesn’t have to be great, just pencil on paper, line on  canvas, clay in hand… creation of something. I have also been paying more attention to other artists. Searching for that commonality, that movement or composition that excites the creative spark behind your eyes; makes you look at the piece a second time…

Somewhere, somehow, the barrier will be broken and creativity will flow through the veins again, warm the heart…

“Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.” –Picasso-


One response to “Need a fix: Picasso intravenous

  1. You know, if you need to draw more you could always draw me something for my next tattoo = )

    Miss You! Hope everything is great in China!

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