Time off ? ? ?

As my contract is coming to an end, I’ve taken the last of my vacation time (2 weeks) to do some job searching and otherwise unwind. It has been relaxing but I feel that I do much better under the pressure… of course when I am under pressure I would be looking forward to that vacation time more and more. It simply feels as if the world is generally a smaller and less fulfilling place when you aren’t busy doing things. I keep thinking of the things I could be doing to make things better, projects I have been putting off that I should be doing, Chinese I need to study, or anything of the other things that should-could-would be done. It’s a shame that when you are on holiday you can’t just turn off that part of your mind and not think about those things any more. I suppose that would make a vacation a lot more meaningful.


One response to “Time off ? ? ?

  1. You sound like Daniel! That’s the story of his summers… work picks up, but the wife has off… urg! I was proud of him in Maine, he only turned his phone on once! That’s progress.

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