Movies to see:

最近我去看两个新电影。第一个是敢死队 。如果你喜欢有名星的动作片的话这是一个非常有意思的电影。我记得小的时候看了好多电影有这些人。看他们一起做真的是好事情。故事有可能简单但是你应该不 在乎。。。因为你可以看Jet Li打死一个超大的80年代的动作片名星。这个名星(Dolph Lundgren)是你就要一个人打了。。。他是最烂的名星。在他自己的电影里他是一个好酷的HERO但是从来没有那么酷。而且看到Stallone 嘛Schwarzenegger非常搞笑。除了他们都有点老但是他们还会Kick Butt!

Wu Lei and I have seen two movies recently. One was “The Expendables” … if you like nonstop action with ALL the action heros you could ever want, this is a great movie. Simple story but lots of fighting, guns and explosions. It was great to see Jet Li fight Dolph Lundgren (and bet the tar out of him) and it was also great to see Stallone make fun of Scharzenegger’s political career, and that all these old guys still got what it takes to make a great Kick Butt movie!

The second movie we saw was “Inception”… I will not discuss this movie, just in case any of you have to see it. It is AMAZING and I really enjoyed it a lot! I would say that everyone should go and see this as soon as possible. It’s a great film to see in the theaters so don’t miss out! IT’S GREAT!


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  1. i watched Inception twice. first in the theater then on DVD with subtitle on. lol. so much going on in the movie. i loved it too!

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