Radom Thoughts:

These are random thoughts that have come into my mind during the last few weeks… I have jotted them down and figured I would share them.

  1. Counting down the days till I start a new job… its nerve racking and yet exciting too. I suppose that it’s always like this when contracts come to an end and new ones are negotiated but I still, even after 7 years of doing it, I haven’t gotten used to it.
  2. When you look around at life in general: the way things happen and how life just gets thrown at you, you really have to marvel at the fact that usually things just “work out” in the end.
  3. I wonder, do ants endure stress?
  4. Why can you not remember your dreams after you wake up, but you can put all that stuff from the real world in your dreams after you go to sleep?
  5. The road seems more dirty after it rains… shouldn’t it seem cleaner? Or maybe it’s just like that in China.

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