Book Worm (2):

I do my best to keep reading books as much as I can. I have found a few decent book stores in town and I adopt books from people as they move, get rid of them, or just don’t wish to read.

I have a substantial library growing and besides the adopted romance novels, I have read most of the books there. Here are a few that I have read and already re-read over the past 2-3 months.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman (who has worked on graphic novels, with Jim Henson’s Muppet Theater, and several motion pictures).

The book is a story line intertwined with the fact that as immigrants come to America (no matter pre-Columbian or through Elis Island) they bring their beliefs with them. These “gods” of the old country are often forgotten once they have reach America… then what can they do? They become, swindlers, garbage collection agents, NY taxi cab drivers, and whatever else they need to do to make a living and scrape together a little worship! Fantastic read… This one was a hand-me-down gift from a former colleague (one that I am currently reading for the 3rd time).

The Monster-Blood Tattoo Series by D.M. Cornish (3 books so far, Australian Illustrator who has gone the Tolkien route and created a who new world).

The first book is called Foundling and follows the orphaned main character from his orphanage home towards his state appointed job. Set in the world of musket and saber, tri-corn hats and walled fortifications the first book is short (in comparison with the other two) and only gives you a taste of Cornish’s “Half-Continent” and of the monsters that dwell there. It lays a basic understanding and foundation for what is to come.

Book two (Lamplighter) is much more robust and dangerous. It is for the most part based around a single massive fortification and the story unfolds within and around this place. Monsters (both traditional and human) become more and more prevalent in the second book and while some of the old characters return, they are also joined by several very likeable new ones. The book ends with an amazing surprise that will blow your mind and opens the story line wide.

Book three (Factotum) follows our young hero far from the fortifications and outposts we have been reading about and into the cities and political craze that comes with them. The story becomes darker and the monsters start to come out of the wood work. However, by this point you are feeling more and more that “some every-day folk are the worst monsters of all”… The book has a wonderful ending that ties off the tale and yet leaves it very well open to continue.

I hope you have the time to pick up a book and read something good… (A flash memory of Reading Rainbow just popped into my mind)… Anyway, go pick up a book, crack the spine, breathe in the fresh print smell and sit down for a good long read!


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