Have a great day!

Life always seems to get busy… then suddenly you realize you haven’t really sat down and took a deep breath in a long time.

That’s where I am at now. I feel like I am finally catching up with myself again. Yeah there is a lot going on and yes I’m still busy as can be but at least I have had a few days to sit down and just enjoy the quiet. It takes a lot out of a person, life I mean. You get up early to go to work; you stay there being busy for most of the day, and sometimes part of the evening. You may even have overtime! Then when you finally get home, despite being tired, you have to cook, sit down and eat and when that’s done there are still some random chores around the house. You would think weekends would be better but they are just there to help you catch up on the things you didn’t have time to do during the week.

Thankfully, there are certain times when things just happen to work out just right… you get off early (rare but it happens), you come home and your amazing wife has made your favorite meal for you…OR traffic is good and you get to work 15 minutes early, someone has just made a new pot of coffee in the office lounge, and no one stole your stapler! Isn’t it GREAT to have those kinds of days?

I have been having a long run of good days recently and I hope you are to!


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