“I’m back……..”

For the last… I’d say year or so… I have digitally block by the “Great Fire Wall”, a issue many expats have to deal with while living in China. I used several different VPNs and other programs to drill my little communication hole in the wall and each worked for a time until the powers that be stuffed a cork in it and I was forced to look for a new crack to whisper through. Well finally (thanks to a friend), I think I may have found a program that works for now, my fingers are crossed (or they would be if I wasn’t typing).

It’s been odd to be reconnected so suddenly… WordPress, Facebook, YouTube… and also horribly distracting. I find myself being sucked in several different directions all at once. It doesn’t help that I usually have 3 or 4 projects all happening at the same time anyway. Currently (while writing this post), I am writing a report for work about a client presentation that will be given next week, drafting a design for a building facade ,  checking Facebook, drawing a concept for a retaining wall, looking at my Weibo page (Chinese Twitter), checking a architecture blog I have come to really enjoy and reading an article about careers that most people don’t think about doing when they graduate! I rotate from one to the next with no particular order, focusing mainly on the report (it is for work and I am in the office right now). Sometimes I seriously wonder if I am dealing with ADD in my own strange way or if it’s just a normal affliction of an overly creative mind.

Probably a little of both.



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