The family is growing!

It took some doing but getting the right VPN has opened up the world of digital communication for me once again. Looking back at my older posts (the most recent was from back in 2011) I though to my self… wow, life has changed a lot since then.

The biggest change has to be the birth of my son. Just before midnight on February 3rd, 2012 Bruce Wu Taylor came into this world. Tiny, pink and all wrinkly he was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. He grew fast though and now, thinking back on those early sleepless nights, I can hardly remember the details… just that I was amazed and just wanted to sit and look at him all the time.Image
These days it is still amazing to watch him but its also a necessity. He went straight from craw to run with no toddling, and only a brief period of what you would call “walking”. Now its full steam ahead all day long! He has just enough height to make the “grab range” dangerous, something that keeps my wife and I constantly on our toes. He climbs on top of chairs (giving him free access to anything on the tables), can open doors, and understands the concept of lock and key. Thankfully he doesn’t have the dexterity to put a key in a lock yet… though he tries ever so hard!


The newest addition to his arsenal of developing skills is pouring… water: from cup to bowl to bath and back into the cup. Blocks: from bucket to basket to floor to basket back to bucket (and then straight to the floor). Hours of endless delight as blocks scatter across the wood floor, the enjoyment of carefully pouring a basket full of blocks into a bucket has a too-small opening… pouring bathwater on everything in the bathroom, especially mom and dad. Ah, the wonderful pleasure of being 18 months old.

I am looking forward to the months and years to come as I watch our little man grow! It just seems to be happening so fast! I guess that is what its like for most parents though.



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