The Work Commute…

Currently I have a pretty big commute to get to work. To arrive at the office by 8:30, I usually leave the house around 7:30, walk to the bus stop and ride it all the way across town. Honestly, I am lucky that the bus line is so direct and takes me pretty much from my door all the way to the office. While working at other companies I have had to take the metro, jumping from line 1 to line 2, or switch bus lines, or make the inevitable hike from wherever the closest bus stop is to my final destination. The only real problem is that everyone else is going to work about the same time and in China that means a few million people.


I found that if I leave the house at 7:30 (that means I am at the bus stop at 7:40) I almost never get a seat and  have to stand on a very crowded bus, the ride takes at least an hour (if traffic is good) and by the time I get off I am already feeling burnt out and walked over (sometimes literally). I have had a few long days that have started off being bumped, pushed and stepped on while trying to simply stand in my little spot in the “sardine can” of a city bus. It’s not a good way to start a day, especially when you know the commute home is going to be just as crowded. However there is hope, if I leave just 10 minutes earlier, the bus is almost empty and I am sure to get a seat. Furthermore, the ride is 25 minutes shorter simply because traffic hasn’t started to get overly congested. Arriving at work a bit early is great but getting there and still feeling refreshed and ready to start the day is even better.

I have discovered that one of the best things you can do to make your day start off well is to get an early start, meaning you don’t feel rushed at all. I give myself an hour to get up, get ready, have a bite to eat, drink a cup of coffee and then finally head out the door. This means I am  not rushed in any way, there will be less people on the bus (so I don’t have to test my patients as soon as I step out the door), and I get to work feeling ready to take on the biggest project the boss can throw at me. Which today is reworking all the sign, seating and lamp post designs for the Youth Olympic Park… good thing I came to work refreshed hun?!?!


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