Summer Fun

Summer in Nanjing is like sitting in the oven somewhere deep in the lowest depths of Dante’s Inferno. Basically its uncomfortably hot and tomorrow’s forecast says hotter. The air is thick and humid but it refuses to rain. So it kind of feels like you are walking around in hot sticky jello. There is little or no breeze and all you can do is turn on the AC, drink a lot of water, and hope you don’t melt before fall arrives!


We took Bruce to the pool this weekend to try and keep cool. We had a blast. He loves bath time and for him going to the pool just means there is more water to splash around. Needless to say he was really happy to be playing in the water. We tried swimming once last summer and while he had fun, he was still a bit small to really get into it. This time he was all giggles and screeches. I wasn’t really comfortable letting him go, I just had to keep a hand on him while he was in the water. However, he can kick and do breaststroke movements with his arms. He doesn’t mind getting his face wet but doesn’t like water in his ears at all. After watching some other kids swim and jump off the wall he was even able to jump into my arms from the edge of the pool, granted it was more holding on to my fingers and leaning forward until he fell in, but hey, you have to start somewhere. I just wish we were able to go to the pool more often. With only Sundays off, we are hard pressed to get there more than once a week and that is only if we don’t have other plans on Sunday. Also, as soon as school starts they are closing the pool which means we only have a few more weekends to get all our swimming in! I guess we better enjoy it while we can!


When we got home he was pretty well burnt out. Bath time and bedtime came early and he passed out as soon as he laid down (usually he wants to hear a story first). It must be nice to be a kid. I remember all the fun I used to have but when I was little I couldn’t appreciated it as much as I do now. I wonder if retirement feels like getting your childhood freedom back, only by then you can really appreciate it! I guess I will have to wait and see…


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