Asian Youth Games: Nanjing 2013

At the office we have been working on a pretty much constant flow of projects but the biggest one is by far the Olympic Park for next year. Part of the site has already been built and will be used for the Asian Youth Games this year. This project is not only massive in scale but also constantly changing. As we get information for the city planning office parts of the lay out change. After presentations with the Nanjing Olympic Office signage and sculptures change. Each part goes through several reviews and each review brings changes, some small and some much larger. At this point in the process changes are not usually easy to make.

For example, changes to the angle of secondary entrance means we lost parking spots and had to work our way around an odd elevation change to make sure that cars would be able to enter the area and have enough room to maneuver into the parking lot or turn onto the road that goes to the stadium  This change also means that rain water will run off differently and so the drainage layout had to be revised. So we changed the CAD drawing, the SketchUp (3D) digital model and did some new renderings. We’ll have another presentation next ween and see if further changes need to be made… and that is just for the angle of a parking lot entrance.


Furthermore parts of the project will be redesigned and rebuild after the Asian Youth Games in preparation for the 2014 International Youth Olympics Games (YOG). The facility as a whole will need to be bigger and better, with changes to all the signage and most of the color scheme (so benches, some of the walking paths and other details  will need to reworked). Also, we need to think about how the area will be used after the Games are over. Most of the athletic facilities will still be used as a sports-park like area and those also have alternative designs.


I have been doing a lot of detail design for the landscaping for the YOG portion of the project along with the post Games concepts. I have done conceptual work for the main entrance sign, the gated wall around the office area (which with be an athletic school in the future), and also the street lamps and lighting for the public areas. I have also done work on the walking paths, seating areas and pavilions that connect the sports areas.


There are very few things I can take individual credit for in this project, everyone in our office has worked together to pull this off and each person has had a hand in pretty much every part of the design. While I do take credit for some of the conceptual ideas, the process and changes that have been made over the last few months are because of the hard work of the team and the ingenuity of the designers we have in our company, so the final designs are not just mine. Still, being part of the team that is working on a project of this magnitude really is bolstering my self image!

Right now I am in limbo waiting for approval (cross fingers and say a prayer) on 2 different designs that could be used in this project for the 2014 YOG and Post Game versions.  Either way I am looking forward to seeing the final site once it is completed and again once the Games are over and the site starts to transform into an athletic park. It’s been amazing to be able to work on a project like this!


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