In the Olympic Spirit

The other day my wife and I decided to walk home after dinner at a local restaurant. Our son was full of energy and needed to burn some of it off before we made it home anyway. Our path took us past one of the Asian Youth Game venues which was crowded and seemed really busy. We had talked about trying to get tickets to see one of the event, just because how often do you get the chance to see things like this? Well as we walked by this women came up to us and asked, “Would you like two tickets?” My wife asked how much and the lady replied, “No no no, for free… the event is about to start I can’t use them and don’t want to waste them.”


Well what would you do if you are standing at the gate, the event is about to start, and someone offers you free tickets? We took them! We said thank you and the lady hurried off to what ever appointment she had. In we went, through a scrutinizing security check and up the stairs and into the event!


Judo, I understand the basic idea of the sport but am not an expert by any means. We walked around the arena and found out seats. It turns out that the matches taking place were the low and middle weight final and semifinal bouts. So we were able to watch bronze, silver and gold matches for both boys and girls. It was pretty exciting. My son clapped is little hands when the crowd did and between matches when music played over the loud speakers he would dance. He got a lot of laughs form the people sitting around us. Several people asked to take pictures of him… little rock star!


As we weren’t expecting to go to the event I hadn’t brought a camera. So I was stuck with my cellphone trying to capture an Olympic size area and all the coolness within. I ached for my Sony Alpha and my sport lens. At one point during the event I eyed the newspaper photographer sitting near us. His quasi professional set up, lustful greed lingering in my eyes, knowing that if I had my camera with me I could take better pictures that he could. But alas, my little Motorola had to make up the difference.


When I got home I Photoshoped together about 20 pictures that happened at different times during the event. I was relatively happy with the end result being that I was all done from grainy cell pictures. The fun part was that I was able show medals being given (far left) with a bout happening (center) and the flags raised for the winners (far right). I guess it kinda captures the over all feeling of the place, though it would be hard to create that kind of energy just from a picture.


It was an amazing thing to be given free tickets to an event like this. Not only is it great to be able to see an international level sporting event but it’s not every day that something like this happens in your city. And you, wonderful lady that gave us those tickets, if you ever read this blog… THANK YOU, we had a great time!



One response to “In the Olympic Spirit

  1. how spectacular that was. how awesome the generosity of a stranger. you are all so blessed, thanks for sharing!

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