Color Schemes

My full position at the design firm ended last week and classes haven’t started yet at Nanjing University. So for the last few days my wife and I have been getting things in order at the new house.

Here is a conceptual drawing of our living room (I guess those interior design I took in college paid off finally).


We bought the house brand new so there were a hand full of small problems we had to get fixed and there was a lot of cleaning to do (there still is) but we were able to get started on the painting. The first day we went out and picked up a 5L can of paint and two cups of dye, green and blue. We figured we could mix our own colors, that way we wouldn’t have to buy two separate cans of paint.


The next day we did the long wall from the main door all the way to the living room. It was about 25 square meters of wall space and it’s the biggest flat wall we have in the apartment. We decided on light blue. The couch we bought is also blue (and cream), a kind of plaid pattern.

It took us most of the afternoon to mask off and paint the wall but it looked really good when we finished.


Yesterday we tackled Bruce’s room. It’s a long skinny room with windows along the long wall, which actually made it hard to take pictures of. We figure with him being so small the room should be colorful and fun so we did the main wall light green and one of the smaller walls green and blue, separated by a curving line.


We haven’t picked out any of the furniture for that room yet but we are thinking about a nautical theme. We are also going to put a fold out couch bed in there for guests.


I am planning to use the same light green on one or two of the walls in our office space. WuLei and I both have light colored wooden desks (which will look great with light green), hers is a flat computer table and mine is a drafting desk. When we bought them we were lucky enough to get the same exact table tops for both so the match really well despite their different uses. If we have time, I’ll get the office painted tomorrow; we will already be out there because they are delivering our fridge.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this place when we finally get everything moved in; it’s going to look great. My wife is doing most of the decorating but I’ve been able to throw my vote in most of the time.

I’m excited about designing our own place but at one point or another I need to step back and let her choose things… I’m sure it’s difficult being married to an architecture student with and art and design background, especially when moving into a new house.


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