House Update

We’ve been so busy with the new house and with my design classes that I haven’t been keeping up with my blog, so here is a little bit of a “catch me up.”


Besides the latest fiasco (surprise) in the whole old house to new house process, things have been going pretty smoothly. We have now painted the living room, the kids room, and the office. Each of those rooms also has curtains that we’ve already hung. We hung curtains in the master bedroom too but decided to leave the walls white in there. We have bought ceiling lights for the rooms but it tome me a while to build up the courage to test the Chinese electrical wiring… I did the living room today and will try to get the others done later this week. The sofa and king size bed have been bought and will be delivered in a few weeks. The entire apartment has been thoroughly cleaned…twice. And we have moved a lot of the smaller boxes out there already, mostly books and art supplies.
The fridge was delivered last week and the washing machine arrived yesterday. WuLei was also able to get the gas turned on after talking with the company. I hope to get the other lights up sometime soon and I need to get someone in to look at a few small problems we have discovered but overall it’s almost done. It is certainly beginning to look more and more like a home and not just an empty white box. Our goal is to move in during the Chinese National Holiday on October 1st. I get a few days off from work and university, so it’ll be the easiest time to unpack and start getting the house more livable. Hopefully by then the Internet will be connected and we will have the office set up as well so that I can get work done at the house instead of spending time at the university.
Through this whole house buying-moving-packing-decorating-crazy situation…. WuLei has been amazing. She’s handled so much while juggling “mom time” and all our day to day life stuff. She’s quite an amazing lady. Also, I seriously think she should look into a job as an interior decorator. She has never been keen on art or design but she does know how to match and theme a room better than most people I know. Once we have all the furniture in, I’ll have to share some pictures and let you all see what I mean. For now it’s all sketches and planning, fabric swatches and Internet searches but it’s going to look great when it all comes together.


One response to “House Update

  1. WuLei is super woman! You ought to celebrate her fabulousness. Think of something she really enjoys or surprize her with something that would really delight her. I’m so happy for you all. What a wonder family adventure.

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