After a long day at the new house painting, cleaning and getting things in order, we drove back to our old apartment, tired and worn out but happy we had gotten that much done.
As I opened the door to come in I heard water running. My energy deprived brain tried to connect the dots. Curiosity mixed with confusion, I stepped into the apartment and as my foot touched the wet hardwood floors the synapse fired with horrid clarity. Water rushing out from the cabinet under the kitchen sink, kitchen flooded, living room hardwood soggy, we’d been gone all day… Just how much water had come flowing into our house?
I turned heel, went out the door, pulled open the Utility box and turned off the main. The aftermath was apocalyptic, not unlike the beginning of Noah’s great flood. After a brief inspection I would the offending pipe, a mesh-woven tube that ran from wall to the underside of the faucet, was no longer connected to said faucet. How did this happen while we were not home you may ask. I’m blaming it on the angry garden gnome outside.
Most sink plumbing that I have seen, though I am not an expert, are not put together like my now, disfigured and dripping pipes. While WuLei provided light with her radiant glow (and a flashlight) I proceed to detach the aforementioned hose. After removing it I cut off the bolt and ripped out leftover pieces of rubber and such from its inside. I was left with a small bolt, about the size of a plastic cap for a coke bottle, with a centimeter wide hole in its middle. I then cut three pieces of plastic and put them inside the “cap”, blocking of the whole. I screwed the cap back on the pipe, crossed my fingers, and turned the water back on. I was pleasantly surprised, it held its water, my ode to MacGyver had worked.
While this was by no means a permanent fix, it did allow us to turn back on the main, so everyone could have a shower. I spent the next few house mopping and trying to soak up as much water as possible. Now, I know what you are thinking. Why not call a plumber? Well it just so happened that last night was the mid-autumn festival, full moon, a multitude of little cakes, public holiday, no one working. So there you have it. We have a rigged kitchen sink and the hardwood is still damp but at least the water only flows when we want it to.
The best news about this is that we just bought a house; it’s almost ready to move in to…. The countdown has begun. We will soon be out of this problem filled rental!


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