Busy as a bee

Sometime life just takes you for a ride. The last two weeks were pretty much a roller coaster for me. I’m more of a bumper car kind of guy and so my stomach is still churning and trying to settle. Here is the short version of things.
During the Chinese National Day holiday (October 1) we finished the moving into the new house. As we were renting a furnished apartment before, we didn’t have any big furniture (beds, sofas, etc) so we ended up packing everything into our little MG3 and moving ourselves. It took quite a few trips but it was a fun time for us. The only thing that we really had to squeeze into the car was the 47 inch LG flat screen. It fit, barely.

In the down time we did the electrical and hung lights in the house, unpacked books onto shelves, and filled the kitchen with all our cooking stuff (this has nothing to do with my ability to cook or bake, but more due to how much I love eating what my wife cooks and bakes. The positive thing about all the running around and being busy is that I burned calories and fast as I ate them and have thankfully held my weight steady. We bought a dining room table and chairs also; simple rose colored wood, smooth lines, nothing special but also no hard corners, which are great because little Bruce is at full speed now.

We also set up the office (my haven) which is the only room that was immediately done as soon as we moved in. WuLei’s computer table, her computer and sound system, my drafting table and new iMac (thank you so much JP), three bookshelves (which barely hold 1/3 of our books), an easel (thank you again JP) and several pictures we have yet to hang. A dim over head light and a bright desk lamp finish off a wonderfully comfortable little work place that I love to spend time in (if only I had more time to spend).

The downfall of all activity came just before the last day of the holiday. I put together the little guy’s toy shelf in the morning but by lunch I was feeling…odd. By dinner I had the shakes and a high fever. I took a hot shower bundled up and went to bed expecting a long night. I slept for 12 hours, woke up soaking wet but the fever had broken. In its place I discovered what look like a badly bruised leg (like a hippo sat on it), which was hard yet tender to touch and a swollen glad that ached when I moved. It turned out to be a bacterial infection of the connective tissue just above my ankle. Now, after 4 days of antibiotics and leg elevating anti-mobility it looks almost normal and feels perfect. Modern medicine is wonderful.

We are back to a semi normal schedule at school now and have been staying busy with projects and reading lists. I am about 200 pages into the 400+ pages of “The History of Western Architecture” which is just what the title says it is, a history of everything built in the west. While not the most difficult book I have ever had to read, it still takes some effort to get through. Once I finish this thick behemoth, I think I’ll find a thinner book on my reading list.
That’s the rundown for now! Hope that all you readers are doing well, healthy, happy and enjoying life to the fullest!


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