Planes, Trains and Automobiles


  My son loves everything with wheels! Our perhaps I should be more clear… he loves things that roll, fly, or go VROOM. At 20 month, who can blame him?

  It really is an addiction though. So here is a short review of the “Go Go Speed Racer” themed toy collection in our house right now. It all started with the musical car for babies.


  Standard musical car, drives on its own, has little animal shaped holes (and animals to put in them) and plays music and makes animal sounds. This was great for keeping him busy when he was small smaller. Matching shapes and colors is a great starter for little minds and the flashing lights and music was a great inspiration to get him dancing. But as he got a little older he has started moving on to other speedy toys.


  Phase two brought in the wood block car! These bad boys are indestructible and destructible at the same time. The block parts all come apart so you can mix and match your cars but they are all big solid pieces so there are no choking hazards or tiny pieces that get lost. These little cars got pushed all around the apartment, and with wooden floors you never knew when a little car would go rolling by.


  Now I may have been getting ahead of myself when it came to Phase 3… I mean he is only 20 months old but I loved remote control cars when I was a kid; so I figured why not start him off on it early. His mom picked out this really simple remote controlled JEEP and we have been trying to get him used to the idea of using his fingers/hands to drive something. Not only does he have to use hand eye coordination but he also has to understand that he is in control of the car (despite not touching it)… so yeah, he’s a little small for it but he has a good time. One thing we have noticed is that his little fingers do good pulling motions but not pushing… meaning he’s almost always driving in reverse. He’ll get the hang of it though.




  Now you may think Phase 3 was a little too advanced (and you

 would probably be right) but we didn’t stop there. My brother-in-law (knowing just how much the little man loves cars) decided to buy

 him one of those “kiddy cars”. Pint sized Ferrari with lights and a gas pedal and all that jazz. The little man loves it!!! But I can’t just let him go driving around on his own, so we have issued rules.

1. To drive the red car you must take it outside (damage to the house will not be tolerated).

2. You may drive for as long as you like up to 10 minutes but only once a day.

3. You must share the car with the other children and when you do, you canearn more time to drive it yourself.

4. Yes, you can drive the car by yourself, put your foot on the gas and steer by yourself (but daddy will have it set on the remote setting so even though you think you are steering and driving, it’s actually daddy).


Ignorance is bliss!



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