Shanghai, Zhang Yuan Project (part 2)


Here is an up date on the Shanghai Zhang Yuan (张园) project we are working on at Nanjing University. If you missed the first part of the story, you can check it out here. It’s been a big eye opener for me as this is the first project we have taken on in the grad program and the sheer size of it has been intimidating!

Over the last few weeks we have been reworking our concept and clarifying themes. One of the problems issues we have been having has been defining what concerns need to be addressed and then coming up with workable solutions. Sounds simple right? Eh, not so much!

Each time we came up with a concept that solved one specific issue, we would somehow lose track of the other existing problems the project was also concerned with. Add in the fact that there are four of us in the group and all of us are designers (a rather creative bunch I might add), and we all have our own ideas and opinions, some of which are very strong. So each week, for the last 5 weeks we have presented our new material to our professor. He has looked it over, pointed out things that need to be clarified, issues we haven’t addressed and sent us back to the drawing board.


Finally, this week he gave us a little leeway. Instead of starting from scratch he has he offered up a few suggestions on how we could improve our existing concept to better solve the issues at hand, without having to rework the whole thing. So now, that is where we are… adding and modifying an existing idea with the hopes that it actually works.



In part 1 of this article I promised to post a link to the video I made about this project area in Shanghai. Again this video is only supposed to convey my personal response to the space we visited. Think of it as a visual aid, depicting and emotional response. This was put together with Corel Video Studio Pro X6 and all the shots are taken on a little digital Cannon 800is. And so, the student studio of Nanjing University is proud to present: Zhang Yuan (by yours truly).


I hope you like it! We have a 2 more weeks to get things cleaned up an presentable so there will be more to come as this project progresses! 



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