Shanghai, Zhang Yuan project: (final update)

I have been remiss these last few weeks so here I am catching up.

The Zhang Yuan project was presented two weeks ago. It went mildly well or at least I thought so. The presentation took place in a large classroom in the architecture department and several professors (and a lot of students) were in attendance.

We spoke about the project as we went through a PowerPoint and we presented our concept on four huge A-0 size posters hanging in the front of the room. It only took about 10 minutes. Then the Q and A started as the panel of professors peppered us with questions as we tried to defend our concept and the reasons we designed things the way we did. Over all it was an odd predicament that I am sure to repeat many times while studying architecture.

One of the things I will have to get used to, is being wrong about everything, even the things I am right about. It’s part of the critique process and from what I understand all architects have to endure it during their time as a student. The idea behind it is to prepare you to be able to communicate ideas clearly with customers and investors later during your career… I’m not sure if it really will be as mean blunt as a panel of extremely well educated architectural professor but if it help, I’m up for it.

We already started the next project to, so I am sure to get another opportunity to present and defend my ideas pretty soon.


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