Bilingual kid:

So my son has been talking more and more and as his second birthday gets nearer his vocabulary has really started to take off. Besides counting to ten in both English and Chinese he also has started putting together two syllables to make words instead of just sounds. Naturally is started with Chinese first. Every Chinese character is a single syllable, which makes words and writing shorter and there for easier.


It’s been fun because he really mixes things together when we talks. We had homemade pizza a few weeks ago and he connected that with a book that he like “The Pig Family Pizza Party” and so now when he asks for that book he calls it the zhu (pig in Chinese) pizza shu (book). It cracks me up every time he asks for it. He says noodles in English but also mian (noodles in Chinese). I am hoping he will start to differentiate and use Chinese with his mom and English with me. What I find really funny is when he speaks English to his grandmother, who only speaks Chinese. She has started to understand a lot of thing though so that has been an added bonus.


I’ve also been pleasantly surprised to hear him start using words we haven’t taught him, ones he has simply picked up from listening. The other day someone asked about his birthmark and he said “tai zhi”. He has heard us explain the birthmark in Chinese before but this was the first time he has used a word without us teaching him. Animals, colors, numbers and food all came from books or games we play with him but this was simply learning from the environment, it was really cool!



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