Interior Decorating


So now that we have been in the new house for a few months and most of the new furniture has been bought, we have finally unpacked the last boxes. We had to wait till we have hung the shelves in the office because the last few boxes were all books and until we had a place to put them, the best place for them was in a box. Now, our shelves are full and the office is completely finished.


Above is a picture of my desk and the shelves we installed. Below is a picture of  my wife’s desk  (which is right next to mine).


We have also been handing pictures. My wife bought a set of 20 or so picture frames on line and we started filling them with pictures from all parts of our life. The living room wall now hosts pictures of all different kinds of moments, from when we first met, got married, a large variety of travel pictures, lots of pictures of our son, both sets of grandparents and even some baby pictures of my wife and I.


We also did some DIY picture hanging near the main door. Cardstock frames hung on string by little colored clothes line clips. It made for a very homey welcome wall as you come into the house.


We are still missing an entertainment center, which seems odd because the flat screen hangs on the wall anyway. We also are looking at coffee tables or at least something we can put at the end of the couch. We also need some small cabinets for the living room and a nightstand or two for the bedroom. We will take care of those as we can.

The pictures were an amazing improvement on the house though. It feels so much more like a home now. Every time I walk by I want to stop and look at them all.


One response to “Interior Decorating

  1. Id like to stop and look at them all too…better still Id like to bless my eyes on you three in the flesh

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