Coffee Driven


I have heard the stories of graduate students living on a perpetual coffee high. I always thought it was one of the academic urban myths. Well, I am realizing that there may be more truth to it than I first gave it credit for, at least with me. I have always been a coffee lover but recently things have gotten out of hand.


A few weeks back a friend posted a picture of her 3 (or was it 4) cups of Starbucks that she had drank that day, joking that she needed to check into rehab. I thought it was rather funny and commented that I would sneak in to the rehab center with instant coffee packets for her. But later I got to thinking about it and realized I drink at least 4 large cups a day, sometimes more. I simply don’t have the finances to further Starbucks’ economic siege on society so when not drinking coffee at home; I opt for a different tact, bottled coffees.

I figured that in the spirit of caffeinated research I would document several of the different kinds of coffee-drinks I have tried over the last few weeks and share them with you all.


There is no reason for me to save the best for last, so here it is. For the price and the taste this is bar far the best. My only complaint is that it’s not a bigger bottle. There are two flavors available, Mocha and Blue Mountain Blend. Both are great but I have always been partial to Mocha.


Next on the list would be A-Ha which comes in a variety of flavors and containers (cartons, bottles and cans). Mocha is once again my favorite but the double shot espresso should not be missed.

Below are a few others I have sampled. Most were passable imitations of proper coffee, except the last one. Simply called Mocca (mocha coffee in Chinese) this is one I would truly recommend you stay clear of. It’s more like a watered down brown soup. I half expected to find coffee grounds in the bottom of the can.

2013-11-11_09-56-12_743 2013-11-04_09-50-10_908 2013-11-02_12-36-06_411 2013-10-30_13-16-44_665 2013-11-05_12-44-31_625 2013-11-26_10-06-42_757

We should end on a good note though so here are a few closing thoughts. If you are ever in Nanjing, one of the best non-chain coffee shops in town (both for atmosphere and drinks) would be “Sculpting in Time”. It’s in the university district on Han Kou road. I may only rarely have the free time to sit down in a coffee shop but when I do I like to find a place with good atmosphere, fast wireless and of course great coffee.


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