These project seems to be moving along so much faster than my previous project. Part of that perception is because we are doing so much more research and we have been cramming more information into our time. We are also analyzing a lot more information and working through the process in a more strict and formal manner. Usually, my personality would steer away from such a “red tie” approach to creativity, but it is working really well so far and we are getting good feedback from our professor.


I mentioned in the last post that did some comparisons with the Nanjing city wall and the Berlin wall (see above). This also turned into a mapping exercise, not only literal mapping but also conceptual mapping. For instance, we visited the area around the Nanjing wall and took notes about what the areas where used for, residential, university, hospitals, schools, business areas, etc. Then we created images to help people better understand the area we are working with (see below).


We have also been making a 3D map of a concise area where our concept will be focused, the eastern stretch on the Nanjing City Wall. We are using a program called SketchUp. It’s a 3D modeling program that is great for simple projects (or at least simple depictions of projects). I am thankful that I have already learned this program and can use it reasonably well. If I had to spend time to learn it, which is what I am doing with Rhino and Grasshopper (2 other 3D modeling programs), it would probably be too much to handle.


Over all I was really happy with this model. I can’t claim credit for pulling this whole model together. It would have taken forever if one of us did the whole thing. I did the three gates and the city wall while another member of my team pulled up all the adjacent buildings and drew up the lake.

This was by far the biggest SketchUp model I have worked on (as far as land size). It was even bigger than the Youth Olympic Park, though probably not as detailed.3

We still have quite a bit of work to do but time is stubbornly still moving forward, so we are starting to move into that “need to meet a deadline” mindset. Seems like this is the tone for my lifestyle in general, which is not a bad thing as long as I really can meet those deadlines.


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