Nanjing City Wall research project: pt 3

The progress of this project has been fast… like race cars fueled with lightning. Each week we met with our professor twice for feedback and critique. Each of these meetings takes three to four hours, simply due to the scale of the project. We are pretty much redesigning an 1/8 of Nanjing city (or at least the portion within the city wall).

Our goal is to redesign the area (roads, buildings, parks and metro) to promote growth in the on the east side of the city. That being said, the whole of our project site is bordered on one side by the Nanjing City Wall and therefore all of our designs need to integrate with the wall instead of being blocked by it.

We pushed through a few weeks of site research and even did a comparison with the Berlin wall. After that we started mapping out the area, showing public transit, population, general use of spaces and other key elements that define the area. All of that became our framework for addressing the problems in the area and that intern influenced our conceptual design.

That is where we are now. Building a digital model of our concept, showing everything from building shapes and heights, entrances and exits to new metro lines, improved or widened roads, sever public squares and parks and a rather cool elevated walkway that is linked with the city wall at several hubs. The site is a mix or residential areas and business towers, liked by smaller buildings to promote shopping and ease of life for residents in the area. Once the final CAD map is OKed by our professor and the digital model passes his scrutiny, it will be on into the details.

This is the part I like. Not only will we be able to do some cool landscape design for the public squares and parks but at this stage the designs become image oriented. These pictures will be used in the final presentation and are meant to be a visual explanation of our concept. I’ll be using Photoshop continuously  and will also get to do some hand drawing (which I love).

We are due to present the project as a whole just before the end of term, so I am sure I will have more to share then (and a lot of images too)!


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