Nanjing City Wall research project: pt4


So we finally tied off the Nanjing City Wall project. It really was a massive piece of work but it’s finally done and has been turned it. We did a big presentation of the work for our classmates and about 10 different professors from both Nanjing University and other area colleges. Over all the feedback was positive.

IMG_5560 IMG_5565 IMG_5576

Besides the standard display boards which showed out analyses, research, concepts and idea, we also made a short film using Lumion. Lumion is a 3D visualization program (for making short films) that uses 3D models like the ones we had designed using SketchUp. This was my first time using the program and while the end result was pretty impressive there were also some bugs to work. We live we learn. My only real problem with the program is that after laying out the film and choosing the framing (which was very easy and user friendly), it took over 5 hours to render the film. The film itself was less than three minutes long, which I then edited for our presentation. Still it’s a great tool to have; I just hope I don’t have any longer films I want to make.
I figured I would take the time to also share some photos of the City Wall, not only from this design project and our research but also from my time living in Nanjing. I hope you enjoy them.


This is just outside the wall, in a park near Yueya Hu. Its a very small park that is rarely used and therefore a great place for family picnics.


This mountain biker was practicing some tricks near “Stone City”, a park on the western edge of the city wall.


Nothing like the sweet treat of freshly drawn candy dragon near one of the many old gates.


Sparrows and Finches love the little insects the live in the dry grasses on top of the wall.


Not only is Zhong Shan Gate one of the biggest traffic issues in Nanjing but it’s also one of the gates with the most history. This is where the Japanese entered the city when they invaded.


Like most of the city, the wall itself is going through a lot of changes and renovations. Recently the city has issued a non-formal decoration that the wall should be “rebuilt”  meaning that they are fixing up a lot of the more dilapidated portions of the wall. They are also rebuilding whole sections that were destroyed during the war or throughout other parts of history.

SONY DSCThis is another example of wall restoration, though this dates back a few years. The white on the bricks is lime and will eventually be washed away by rain waters (though it will take a while).

IMG_9882This shot is from one of the “New Gates” that has been built to fill gaps that were torn through the wall to make room for roads. This one was finished in 2009 and the picture was taken out of my apartment window during the Chinese New Year celebration that year. It was an amazing thing to live near such a wonderful part of history (even one that was added to so recently) and doing a whole research project on the city wall was especially interesting.

I hope you all have enjoyed the pictures and stories! Best wishes to you all and happy Chinese New Year (only a week a way).


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