Creative minds of children

Sometimes my son makes me laugh, sometimes he makes me worry, and then there are other times when I really have no idea what to do… like when I find a shoe in the oven.

The creative mind of a two year old is beyond me, much to my own chagrin. I hold it in high regard that children’s minds are filled with the purest of creative thought and that we, as adults, have for the most part completely lost the comprehension to see their stories as a whole. Still, even with our minds stuck in the adulthood sludge of reality, the situation can be rather humorous at times.


I have come home more times than not to find objects in my office plastered with stickers. Most recently the arms of the computer chair suddenly sprouting a garden of Winnie the Pooh stickers. Then, when I asked my son what happened, I was promptly branded with a Pooh sticker on my right buttock… explanation by example. Life is good!


After watching Bob the Builder, the little man “fixed” the dining room table by hammering the tar out of the top of it, ding marks that will be our little story tellers forever. We also have a marvelous blue squiggle on the sofa. We are not sure if that was a purposeful creative gesture or the spontaneous result of jumping up and down on the cushions while holding an uncapped marker.

As an artist and designer I am very careful not to reprimand these impulsive creative moments and as often as possible applaud his imagination. And while I would never want to be drawn into the endless and rather futile debate of “What is ART?” I do hope that he adopts a more traditional medium than spaghetti sauce for his next masterpiece.



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