Music to work by

I love to distract myself while I work. At the office it’s hard to block out what everyone else is doing and there are a lot of things going on at once which is great for productivity. However, at home, in my office, headphones are a tool I couldn’t live without.

I will be the first to admit that my musical collection is random at best; I listen to a little of everything. I thought it would be intersecting to share some of the tunes I have been listening to a lot recently.

SONY DSCMy work space at home (iPad is playing music)

  1. Wang Fei (王菲) is a Chinese artist that has been around for a few years and has never lost her gift. She is one of the Chinese musicians I listen to the most and she sings in both Chinese and Cantonese.
  2. Lana Del Rey has for some reason made it onto my “most listened to” list. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy her music but I have a felling it’s more because she is easy to work to that I listen to her so often.
  3. Pu Shu (朴树) is another Chinese artist I listen to regularly. While he isn’t as popular as he once was I love the sound of his music. He certainly has his own sound, kind of a folk-rock mix that really settles well with me.
  4. I have always enjoyed big band and swing music so it wasn’t surprising to find Royal Crown Review in my top 10 list. The only problem with listening to them is that it’s really hard to stay sitting and working on designs… I just want to get up and move.
  5. Del Mccury Band is a new addition to my list of favorites but I listen to at least one of their songs every day. A good friend, Alec B, turned me on to them and for some reason the bluegrass twang of it makes me feel at home.
  6. I have also gotten attached to Johnny Cash recently which would probably surprise all my high school and college friends. Again, I think it reminds me of home.
  7. Philip Glass is probably not a musician most of you have heard of. He does minimalist music, sometimes just with the different sounds wood makes. He is great for calm night when you need something more subdued and I have a whole list of his songs that I listen to regularly.
  8. For something completely different I have also been listening to Daft Punk. This is more on par with what I listened to in high school and college… old habits….
  9. This one surprised me a bit because I only have 3 songs on my computer by Cab Calloway, but yes, I do listen to them a lot and so he has certainly earned his spot on my list.
  10. The biggest list of songs I have from any one musical group or artist is still the Beasty Boys. They are my all-around go to music for pretty much everything. I know full well this is because of growing up with Dan D. and I don’t think I will ever be able to listen to a Beasty Boy song without thinking of our many delinquent activities adventures!


So there it is; my Top 10 list for design work late at night! Though some of these may not be your style, I would still encourage you to listen look outside your usual genre and try something new. Maybe you can even check out some traditional or local music that you have never heard before! You never know you may really like it!


Traditional ‘Naxi’ minority music just outside LiJiang “old town” in Yunnan Province.


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