Green developement

Recently things at work have taken an interesting turn. Not only am I doing design work but I m also directly involved in upcoming projects that will ensure some truly great developments in our company.

Before now, most of my work was conceptual designs for landscapes, rooftop gardens and green houses. However, a lot of the design work I will be doing from this point on will incorporating creating imagery that depicts scientific cycles and systems that are used in “green buildings”. The hope is that these images will be easier for the layman to understand than the pure science is, meaning it will be easier to explain to investors and customers. This mean I need to understand the science as well (added bonus), so I have been doing a lot of extra online research to get myself up to par on the industries. Along with that, I will also be doing some modular work for green roof top gardens. This is more conceptual (freedom) and will lean more towards the design work I have done in the past.

We are in the process of setting up the future site of our Greenhouse, plant nursery and research center aptly named EchoBase (the more hardcore Star Wars fans out of there will probably get a good laugh at that). Most of the design work is already done for the location. They will be planting fruit trees next month and if all goes to plan, ground breaking will be in April or May. The facility has a lot of potential. The idea of a design company working hand in hand with scientist to build environmentally friendly building systems is great. It brings a whole new perspective to the development of not only this project but our company as well as the whole industry… Exciting!


This is the site of our research center.

With any luck we will have several greenhouses, a floating solar panel system on the lake, and will be able to start filtering the water with plants and a water reclamation system. I am sure that as things start going up I will be posting more information about our work at this site location. So keep an eye out!


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