Wood Projects:

So one of the highlights of this semester is a class with my thesis adviser, called Chinese Wooden Construction.  It’s split between historical research lectures and projects we are doing outside of class building small wooden constructions using jointing techniques. I have really enjoyed the class so far and it’s great to get hands on experience with traditional techniques even if they are in miniature. Below are some pictures of some of the projects we have done so far.

Six interlocking blocks:

6blocksFirst you need to carve these pieces (#3 is not carved)

6blocks2If carved carefully they should fit together into a structure like this, with only the #3 block being able to move.

aThese are my classmates projects (mine is in the foreground).

Our second project was a little more advanced. We had to apply wooden peg methods to build a 30cm by 30cm structure. The professor gave us several possible combinations some easier than other but in the end each group (4-5 people) needed to have made a cube like structure that was built with nothing but wood!

1This is what our finished project looked like.

2This is one of the joints.

3Always sign your work!

4This is what happens when you have 7 groups all making similar projects. You can’t tell from the picture but none of these have the same joints. Each is a little different!

I am sure I will be adding more projects from this class and others and hope that you can tune in to see them all as they get posted. Happy Wood Working….. be a craftsman/lady…. building is the best way to learn!


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