Nanjing Panoramas


Recently I have been putting together a lot of panoramic shots of Nanjing. Some have been as research for projects and some are more just for fun but I have really enjoyed catching different views of the city in a long format. It provides a different kind of view that is rarely seen and hard to show unless you actually fly over to China and visit Nanjing.

Nanjing City7

Some of the pictures show the contrast of old Nanjing and the modern city that is developing so fast, the city wall with a backdrop of the modern skyline, the urban environment with temples hidden between the buildings. It’s one of those mixtures of ancient and modern that so few places can truly offer.


Others are more of an environmental nature, the expanses of the small lakes within the city, the city wall running through one of the forest parks.

Nanjing City5What I find interesting is that all of these are a view of city that I have experienced during the 5 years I have been living in Nanjing. All those of the city wall are a direct result of the research project I did on the wall itself.
Nanjing City1

This one is the view from the Jiangsu TV tower, right out the window of our meeting room while I was there to practice for the recording of “Good Mother”.

Nanjing City3

Several are views from the office windows of different companies I have worked with or had dealings with during my time here.


When I lived on the east side of the city, I would jog around this lake.


The last one is of a storm washing over the city. It was taken while I was standing on the balcony of my favorite building in Nanjing last summer during a thunderstorm. Perhaps I like it best because of the experience and the place where I was (oddly enough, you can’t see any part of the building in the picture). Then again, the whole idea is to share a feeling through an image… So when you look at it, just maybe you feel the rain on your face and feel the clouds carrying your worries away.


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