Containers in Architecture:

Recently there has been a lot of talk about shipping containers as building materials. There have been several articles on architecture websites about the huge amount of these shipping containers and how they are not being used as much, how ports are cluttered with them and how they could be put to use as “pre-built” or “pre-fab” homes.


While I love the concept there are several issues that need to be worked out. The containers are fairly narrow and if not expanded, it would be difficult to fit a living space in the area. However, insulation, rain water run-off and several other problem can easily be dealt with and there are several designers and architects who have already started working with containers.


While I have read a few articles on the topic and seen some pictures I have not actually seen one of these structures up close and personal. So imagine my surprise when walking to the University the other day. On a side street adjacent to the Bank of Nanjing Plaza, there they were. Three retrofitted and redesigned as an outdoor bar. The design was simple but the walls of the containers folded down on hydraulics to become the floor.

Lucky for me I have been carrying around my camera recently and below are some photos.

IMG_6141 IMG_6134 IMG_6125 2

I don’t know if this will be a long lasting trend but I do like that materials are being reused and that designers are rethinking how to build structures.


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