Architecture Film

Awhile back I posted a movie I made for my Architectural Cinematography class that depicted a rather cool staircase! You can watch that here: That project was based on the idea of how people move through a space.


Shortly after that we took a trip to Anhui province. We did a little site seeing and I wrote a post about the trip.


The real reason for going all the way to Anhui province was actually to research and develop another short film, this time about the Jixi Museum. During the first evening there, we set up all our shots and came up with the idea of using my son (he’s two years old) as our actor. The reason for this was to show a comparison of how a small person moved and interacted in an adult space. Museums are quiet places, where people walk slowly and look at exhibits. So what would happen when we let me 2 year old loose in there.


Children play, touch and look at things differently than adults. So we tried to capture how a two year old would see the world. Our tripod was set to the exact same height as out miniature actor so that every shot was from his point of view. We also took care to show how benches became hand rails and how a balcony became and enclose space, at his height he couldn’t even see over the balcony wall.


I was really happy with the final result. Not only did we do a good job of meating all the requirements of the project but it was pretty fun to make a mini movie of my son. It certainly goes above and beyong the normal home video. Check it out here:

While still a comprehensive short film that met the requirements of the class, we also really thought out how to put it all together and the composition of every shot was constructed pretty carefully. I think it was absolutely wonderfully done and we got positive feed back from most of the people that got an early veiwing.


As our documentation of the Jixi Museum was out final assignment for the class, we also did a ‘showing’ of the films and had several visiting professors come to watch them. We also got a bit of a surprise when the lead architect of the museum also came to watch our films.




All togther we had some 15 different architects and professors come to the exhibit for the opening day. We all got very good reviews and I was lucky enough to have two of my films showcased, the Escher Stairs and ‘Big and Small’ (the film staring my son). If anyone is interested below are the links for all four films that our class made about the Jixi museum. Each was made by a different group, has a very unique feel to it, and was put together in a different way. Enjoy!


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