Photo Essay 2 (Places part1):

I started out with this idea of doing a series of Photo Essays every so often to share some of the pictures I have collected over the years in China. One of the issues I have had is that I have way too many photos… so how can I share all without simple downing those of you reading this blog in a cascade of images?

When I post a Photo Essay about people I separated out some of my Portraits and shared those first. For this post I wanted to share some of the Places I have been. Again, I have more photos than I can simply share in one post so this will be a Part 1 post, with others to follow.

So here are some of the places I have traveled and some (a very small fraction) of the photos I have taken. I will start out with some of the more well known tourist destinations.


Beijing, Forbidden City, 2006

1923220-R1-039-18 Shanghai, over looking Pudong from a river boat, 2004


Beijing, Temple of Heaven, 2004


Terracotta Warriors, Xian, 2006

Now let me point out that it is always best to visit the places that other people don’t go. Yes you should see the major historical site and yes you need to soak up the cultural relics in the major museums, BUT if you really want to enjoy yourself in China, you need to get out of the big cities and visit places that most people don’t go to. Places that will really make a lasting impression on you.


Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan prov. 2005

 100_2192 Tiger Leaping Gourge, Yunnan prov. 2005


Lijiang Old Town, Yunnan Prov, 2006, 2007, 2008


Just outside Lijiang


Lijiang Old Town, Yunnan Prov, 2006, 2007, 2008 (I liked the place and went back a few times)


Three Rivers Gorge, Yangzi River Cruise, 2007


Nature Reserve in Southern Guizhou prov 2005


Shark fishing in Beihai, South China Sea 2006


 Suzhou, China’s Venice 2004


Hangzhou, old town 2004


 Hiking in Guizhou prov. 2007

100_2624Hiking in Guizhou prov. 2007

 You will note that almost all of these photos are dated between 2004 (when I first came to China) and 2007 (Just before I moved to Nanjing). In my next Places post I will try to pick up where we are leaving off and show you where I have been more recently! I hope you enjoy the photos!


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