Green Design Competition

At the end of 2013 our company put forth an initiative to get more involved in the local community, specifically through educational programs. Instead of just finding existing programs to get involved with (there were surprisingly few), we decided to take it upon ourselves to make some opportunities of our own. With that in mind, we met with the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Nanjing University and began to organize what would become the First Annual Green Design Competition, hosted by Nanjing University and Impress Environmental.
The goal was to develop a design completion that was based around “green systems” and would follow the course curriculum of an existing Building Systems class at the university. This year we were very lucky and were able to work with Dr. Wu Wei’s class of third year undergraduates. The class goals were based around analyzing existing buildings’ energy efficiency through factors such as ventilation, sunlight (and radiant heat), acoustic quality, and electric power usage. For the completion, we took that one step further. Once the building was analyzed and problems were found, the students were asked to come up with a conceptual design (or redesign) to improve the building by lessening its total energy usage while addressing other issues they had discovered during their research.


The class had 33 students all of whom participated. We also opened the competition to students outside the class and had three other participants, two from other universities in Nanjing and one all the way from Europe. All applicants had to give a basic, brief presentation of their work along with a digital copy of their analysis and conceptual changes. We hoped to see works dealling wit green roof and vertical garden systems, rain water collection, solar or wind power and improvments to natural lighting and ventilation.

Last week I was able to partake in the final presentation. Two students really stood out both in the visual presentation of their work and in thir conceptual designs.


Mr. Gao with 1st prize winner Xi Hong.


Mr. Gao with 2nd prize winner Feng Qi.

Many congratulations to Xi Hong (1st prize)and Feng Qi (2nd prize), for a job well done! Both of their designs had green wall and green roof elements along with rain water capture ideas. The winning design also addressed improvements to ventilation within the building. The came to our design studio today to present their final work, meet our boss (Mr. Gao) and receive their prize money!

We hope that both are able to participate in next year’s competition. Until then, keep an ear out for other programs we will be doing along with other competitions that are out there.


One response to “Green Design Competition

  1. This is so cool Nathan. I’ll share this with Krista. What a great way to get incites and participation, new and innovative ideas are one of the greatest assets of youthful minds. Just so you’ll know, I am so very proud of you. Love, mom

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