Radford University Alumnus

During my last visit the US I was Lucky enough to be contacted by both the College of Humanities and Behavioral Science (CHBS) and also the Career Services Office at Radford University. Both offices have been working hard to build up international opportunities and connections for the university; so it was an interesting and wonderful surprise to be ask to share ideas about how to further improve Radford’s international involvement. I spent the whole day at RU meeting with the two offices and touring the campus.

The CHBS office was nice enough to play host for me and I was able to have a wonderful conversation with them about possible programs the university could implement to attract more Chinese students and also about the development of the Language and Culture Institute on campus. The university already has a sound foundation in place and it seems they are on the verge of something big. It was exciting to be a part of it, even in such a removed role.


In the afternoon I met with the Career Services Office. They had contacted me while I was in China with the idea of developing several short videos discussing my experiences at RU, how that lead to my travels abroad, and how those opportunities were more accessible than most students realized. The goal being to make several of these videos, spotlighting alumni with international backgrounds and promoting amazing experiences that current students may have been uncomfortable with before, to get them thinking of paths outside their comfort bubble. You can see one of the videos on the RU website here.


It was great to work with both these offices and it was simply astounding to walk around campus with everything that has changed in recent years. I felt like there were small patches of the university that were the same and held memories from my college days, but so much more of the campus was filled with newly constructed buildings and construction sites (including what will be the new CHBS building). Neither of the two off campus apartments I had lived in during undergrad were left standing; one location now sported really nice townhouses and the other lay somewhere beneath the new arts building.

 SONY DSCA bit of Photoshop fun (my son and I playing at RU)

It seems like great things are happening there, both with the growth of the camps and with the programs that are being developed and I am excited to see what the future holds for Radford University.


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