A few weeks back I took a picture of my desk at work and posted in on a social media site with a call out to friends about what their own workspaces looked like and what they did there. I was curious because when you get into the groove that drives you to do, whatever it is you do, it best happens in a space that you have made your own. So everyone’s workspace has a bit of themselves in it.

It was also interesting to note that many people have more than one workspace, sometimes drastically different, yet each is very defined as that persons’. Perhaps it is because I know all of these people, but their workspaces are perfect examples of who they are. For the sake of privacy I am only using first names and initials but if you click on the images, most of them will get larger.

LewisKLewis K. He sent in this workspace photo and said “I use it for “home business” (insurance, utilities, paperwork) and also sometimes as a creative space. I made the desk and a few other nick knacks in there, good for new inspiration. Personal study (bible study) happens there sometimes too here it is!” For a guy who loves to build with wood it only seems natural that he would build his own desk.


David S is a friend that travels the world working with fruit (quality control, imports, exports, etc). He wrote, “This is in Ica, Peru. I was there yesterday checking out this year’s grape production. Too bad I don’t have last week’s workspace… I was doing our annual budgets in a meeting room in Santiago with an amazing view of the Andes.” He sent me the picture a week or so ago and I wonder where he may be working today.

Jennifer LucadoJennifer L writes: “this is my office… I love it! K and B helped me paint, including the mountain scene, which K painted directly onto the wall.” The fact that her office was painted by two of her best friends is so fitting for Jennifer, she has surrounded her workspace with her friends so that they are always with her.


The above workspace is that of my friend Angina H. Here (among other workspaces) she has been writing and hand painting a graphic novel. She has just recently self published the first book and for that deserves a huge congratulations. If you are interested in checking out her graphic novel, it has its own webpage at or you can follow the progress of her next graphic novel on its Facebook at


Rob B works for Advance Auto Parts as an Attorney.  He wrote, “As you can see I need a lot of desk space for all the papers I have everywhere, however, the most important thing I have are my dual monitors which make reviewing multiple documents significantly easier.”

Erinn B002

Erinn B001Erinn B sent in a few different photos saying, “My partner and I both work from home 2 days/week. Living in small 300 sq ft. city apt in San Fran. We turned half our kitchen into a dual office/workshop space. He works for an advertising agency but for an internal tech department with computer/design/coding, and building robotics. I work in non profit marketing and pr for school gardens/ teach kids to eat healthy.” If you are interested in seeing some of the projects she is working on, check out their website at

JP001JP is an extremely close friend whose mind is blessed/cursed with so much imagination that sometimes it seems impossible that one person could hold that much creativity. He sent in three photos, one workspace is for writing, composing music and other pastimes, the second is a basement studio where he paints, and the final is the beginning of his newest garden landscaping masterpiece.

KristelF001Kristel F is one of the artists I have known since high school. She sent in the above pictures saying, “I teach pre-k to 5th grade art in here … lots of color, it’s my happy bubble!” I find it interesting that her workspace is a space for others to work as well and that she has designed the space to be as colorful and inspiring as possible!

Tricia R
Tricia R is another friend I have know since high school. She is a Branch Executive of a YMCA. Her job has her moving around a lot, so she is in and out of the office. She says’ “I use the space for meetings, talking with employees/members, working on my email and work”. You can see in the background all the pictures of family. Again this is a defining part of how I see Tricia and it wasn’t a surprise to see that her family shares her workspace.


I know that everyone has their own style of workspace. For me, it’s a delicate balance of construction site and warzone. For others, their workspaces are clean and crisp. What makes a space your own is not only what you do there but how you adapt the space to fit your needs and that is what I think is so interesting about workspaces.


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