Jiangsu Green Building Expo

 SONY DSCNanjing Expo Center (with a backdrop of Zaha Hadi’s International Youth Culture Center)

I was able to go to the Jiangsu Green Building Expo in Nanjing a few weeks ago and was very happy with the conference as a whole. In the grand scale of these kind of expos, this one is still pretty young, it’s only been happening for a few years, but they were still able to pull of a very good show in an excellent exhibition space. There were about 250 different companies that attended and most of them really pushed to make a good showing.

Individual displays were on par with what I have seen at much larger and longer running trade shows, like the Shanghai Green Building Materials Expo earlier this year. The JGB Expo only filled the first building at the Nanjing Expo Center but the quality outdid the numbers. The expo also made use of the JinLing Conference Center which is adjacent to the expo grounds. The conference center had numerous presentations on a variety of green topics, everything from ‘Green Urban Infrastructure’ to conceptual ideas about urban farming. I was only able to attend a few moments of these presentations because of work but liked what I saw.


As for our own company, we put on a great show and drew a lot of attention, the good kind! He had a display area to die for and while I would love to take credit for it I was merely part of the conceptual stages, my boss did most of the actual design work on this one. We had two full green walls (2.5 meters tall each) and a monolithic green tree structure growing out of the center of our display. One end of the display area was completely devoted to the water proofing material we have been developing and this area got a lot of attention from serious green builders and developers. The other end of the display focused on our lightweight soil and its green roof applications.


Along with the green walls this was the area that turned into the picture perfect backdrop for every passerby. Everyone wanted to take a picture with the green walls and the huge clear tubes of lightweight soil really caught people’s curiosity.  It wasn’t just those attending the expo or the other companies presenting that seemed so interested in our display, we also attracted three different news crews and photographers from a magazine and a newspaper.


All the positive publicity was fantastic but the interest in green systems and technology was what I was really hoping to see. If more people can get interested in the applications of systems like these the world we become a better and much greener place. Let’s hope these innovative ideas take root!



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