Shipping Container Project: Construction PT2

A lot has been happening with our Shipping ctainer House. First of all, the project has finallytaken on a name, the “SC Retreat House”.  Other than the name, so much has been happning that I have not had time to report on it until now.


Really starting to look like the conceptual sketches now!


After the initial delivery of the shipping containers the construction crew went to work transforming them into the basic structure of our building. These guys are amazing but still, they have their work cut out for them. Basically, they are changing a big metal box with extreme space limitations into a mildly roomy house.


Framing installed

They started by welding the shipping containers together and then cutting out the walls that would not be used. Each time a section of the container wall was cut out, structural reinforcement was then added to make up for what was lost by removing a section of the wall. This was true for doorways and window but particularly important when we joined two shipping containers side by side to create spaces for larger rooms. When that happened, two whole structural walls needed to be removed and in their place reinforcements needed to be made.


Interior walls and ceiling being installed (the open space to the right is the interior garden)

The next step was framing the interior because lets be honest, if it still looked like the interior of a shipping container, no one would want to live there. We put in a very basic steel frame that interior walls could be added on to later. This actually took a while because there were also several parts of the building that needed to be fabricated and framed, including the covered entry way which has floor to ceiling windows on three sides.


This will be the dinning room once building is finished

Most recently we have started working with the company that will be making all of our windows. You would think this would be pretty simple but for myself and for Saule (the other architect working on this project) it was a bit of an issue. We have several different types of window on this project, they open differently depending on the type of room they are for and the ventilation we hoped to achieve for those spaces.


This is the main entry, lobby and living room. Picture windows on three sides.



Second floor fisheye view of the ‘open-air interior garden’

Once again I must say that this project has been moving forward much faster than I ever thought. There is still a lot to do but in just months we have gone so far.


These are some of the people building the SC Retreat House… oddly enough they are sitting in what will the meeting room



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