Social networking and architecture

When I originally began writing this blog, it was meant to be an outlet for me to share things about my life in China with people back home. As a young person living in a foreign country, there was so much I wanted to share with people, stories, pictures, little bits of my life here in China. Sending out emails worked fine but attaching 10 pictures to an email wasn’t always the easiest thing to do and a short post on Facebook couldn’t really contain everything I wanted to say. So starting a blog seemed natural. As things progressed, the blog slowly changed and nowadays there is less and less about my personal life here in China and more about architecture, both working and studying in the field.


My Weibo Cover


This came about because that is what fills the majority of my time. If I am not at work, I am at university. In the evenings when I am at home (after everyone is in bed) I am working on projects for my boss or my thesis advisor. Naturally, the blog began to lean more and more in that direction. I find that networking and digital media has been a great outlet for me but also a great source of professional communication and inspiration. Currently I use Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress (which I use to maintain this blog) Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) and WeChat which is similar to a social networking walky-talky where people share thoughts, images and links to web stories. I use each of these networks daily and usually contribute to at least one of them every day. I also get a lot of cross use. My blog is re-posted through Facebook and if the contents has anything to do with architecture (which it usually does) it also gets posted in the Architecture forums in LinkedIn. Weibo and WeChat are more of an inspirational sharing tool for me. I post in both daily but also repost lots of ideas that others have shared.


My LinkedIn Cover


What I like most about all of these networks is how easily you can share ideas and thoughts. I have asked for people’s opinions on thesis topics, building structures, language games to play with my son, and on any given day you will get feedback from several people with great ideas (many of which I never would have thought about on my own). For me, this means there are a lot of like minded people out there with a wealth of knowledge to share about a lot of interesting topics, some more personal and others very professional. I would say that about 80% of what I post is of a more professional nature, though yes I have been know for posting pictures of my wife’s famous cheese cake for time to time!


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